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mfa or not and sofas

updated mon 26 aug 02


artimater on sun 25 aug 02

90% of the crap in galleries is so convoluted that the gallery owners =
can only tell if it is "good" work by the resume....Big long resume with =
MFA, MFA, Alfred,...."Oh, this is really great stuff"HEHEHE.....No =
resume....."Who are you?"HOHOHO....Yes Phil, they won't even look at the =
work until they see that fat resume....It also helps if your MFA buddies =
are already in the gallery....and if you can get by selling 3 or 4 =
pieces a year real cheap and give them 80%....You likely have to buy the =
wine and cheese too...So ya gets your MFA from Alfred and a solid job =
teaching....(remember when rm spilled his guts and told us $60000 a year =
and great benifits at TCJC?)....Then the galleries will look at the =
work....State of the Art in Dallas...If you want to make meaningful =
work; forget all that bullshit and just make work you like....People who =
own galleries don't know shit about art....They speciallize in ass =
kissing and drinking crappy wine...They think this is how it is supposed =
to work....
Try matching the crap in the gallery to your sofa.....You will have =
to throw out your house and live in a gallery...They don't have =
sofas....only pedestals....for the work and for themselves....Real art =
will go with any sofa...Would Van Goph's "Crows in a Field" look bad in =
any room????....Hell no; It would only look better and =
better....Eventually if you lived with it it would make you cry all the =
false bullshit out of your soul every time you walked by it....Real Art =
is totally the enemy of the vapid horseshit that makes the galleries...I =
have a piece by a person who was in CM a month or so ago....I love =
it...It was from when she did stuff with spirit...She has since learned =
to dance with her ass where her head should be and even though she =
incorporated some of my design for a while; the stuff in the mag and =
galleries leaves me cold and it wouldn't make the shelf in my living =
room, where the good stuff stays...It would clash with everything and my =
friends would snicker(honest bunch)...If you would like to be a great =
artist, you should forget about all the posing, and false feeling and =
showing and such....Just do work that moves YOU
"I only indulge when I've seen a snake, so I keep a supply of =
indulgences and snakes handy"
Artimator Galleries
2420 Briarwood Ln.
Carrollton, TX 75006

Janet Kaiser on mon 26 aug 02

It is a very long time since I read such errant and utter tosh, from
someone who is not certified and restrained for their own and public
safety. There really should have been a health warning in the subject line,
because my blood pressure just shot up and I am VERY ANGRY INDEED!

Are you aware you are insulting the many subscribers to clay art, who
exhibit both occasionally and/or exclusively in galleries as well as have
work in private and public collections? Do you understand you scorn those
who have written, appeared or featured in published books and magazines and
provided archival quality material to libraries, galleries and museums for
the enjoyment and education of this and future generations, Mr. Rush?
Furthermore, you are thoroughly denigrating all those who work in all
academic and pedagogic professions. You are also questioning the integrity
and professionalism of many of my colleagues, not just other galleries,
magazines and institutions who also monitor and occasionally partake on
this list. Many subscribers run galleries, where they exhibit the work of
others as well as their own. I take it you want to insult them all and
their associates too? Add those people who have not been "working hard" for
some years to some wild and woolly curricular figment of your own
imagination and it will account for about 99.9% of this list. Which leaves
a mere handful of Clay Arters at the very most, you are not telling either
own, create, produce, promote or sell "worthless crap". In other words, you
are the only true artist in the world and only your work is real art? This
smacks of fantastic powers of self-delusion, if not of outright lunacy. Do
you also like sticking your hand in your jacket and like your friends to
call you Bonaparte?

And this tirade in answer to a young man who is seeking advice on his
journey to being the most successful professional artist and maker he can
possibly become, is less than helpful to say the very least. Why do you
feel repeated infliction of insult and injury through your infantile views
and wild chest-beating, will be of any value to either yourself or anyone

You are a bitter and twisted man, spewing your angst, wallowing in
self-pity and thoughtlessly regurgitating pointless rhetoric aimed at
hurting as many people reading this list as possible. This is either baying
at the currently full moon or you are on the pop again today, so I suggest
your family unplug your modem until either the moon wanes or until you
sober up. Whatever.

You should also remove PAX from your signature forthwith (to which Tom Buck
has far older and more righteous claim around here) because it is neither
honest nor acceptable to snipe at the majority of readers in offensive and
rude terms, then sue for peace in the same breath.

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On 25/08/02 at 10:03 artimater wrote:

>snip< >snip< >snip< castrated the snakes and the bollocks.

Janet Kaiser

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