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good art doesn't have to match the sofa

updated mon 26 aug 02


Joyce Lee on sat 24 aug 02

Terry...... my very good claybud... says:
"I don't give a damn if these pieces go with the furnishings. In
fact I'm doing some major remodel so the walls and furniture do not
conflict with the art.
"the couch will have to go."
I've received many similar posts. Thanks, buds. I've opted to quote =
Terry's because he'll
know that I'm not picking on him.

BUT the above statements do indeed say that
many of us ... not just I ..... tend to give a damn about acceptable =
blends or welcome contrasts with our furnishings in our choice of art to =
enliven our homes and our souls. Yes, art may be more important than =
the couch ... "the couch will have to go" ......
but its "fit" ... "fit" as we each define it .... with the rest of our =
space does count or we wouldn't get rid of the couch, would we? I like =
the couch; I like the art .... keep them both .... is not the usual =
decision apparently.

Like so many of you, the pottery I've collected was never bought for =
purposes of fitting in specific spots. It became mine because I loved =
it for whatever reason. BUT I did feel compelled to remove most of the =
antique glass I'd collected over many, many years because for me, right =
now, they somehow conflict; prevent me from appreciating either because =
of the conflict. Occasionally, a piece of the glass seems to "work" =
with the pottery .... at least, in my mind ...... and is brought out to =
be treasured once again. BUT the clayart takes precedence.... the =
pottery carries more import with me than the furnishings... or the =

This discussion is good for me. NOW I
understand why gallery and museum people, as well as my more artistic =
quote such cliches (or truisms) all the while that they're
carefully trying the new art work in different=20
rooms and different angles in juxtaposition with other works. If they =
don't get it right
..... then it's a little like making jokes on Solemn Occasions/laughing =
out loud/getting the giggles .... jarring, a discordant note .... =
inappropriate. (Unless, of course, you're Mary Richards at the
funeral of Chuckles the Clown .... then it's just funny.)

It all concerns CARING about our art choices and wanting them to be =
experienced at their best advantage .... that's why our minds click and =
grind and groan then signal that YES, there's the perfect spot! even if =
it's in the front bathroom, which is where one of my new paintings is =
going ... looks great ..... shows to wonderful advantage against the
slick tile and textured white of the walls ...
at least, in my mind's eye .....
AND will be seen by almost every friend who crosses our threshold. I =
like it.

In the Mojave where it's 9 a.m. and still
hanging at 65 degrees F ..... the heat will return .... today even ..... =
but this is the promise of our better times acomin'.

Ann Brink on sat 24 aug 02

Well, hell, even my husband doesn't match the sofa! I never would have
bought the French Provincial set but it was left to us 16 yrs ago and it
seemed like the thing to do to work around it. The kind of art I like looks
much better with more streamlined things. I need to seriously start
shopping for something else, but the last time I looked all the sofas are
huge and puffy. Well this is getting off topic.

Ann Brink in CA

Janet Kaiser on sun 25 aug 02

What a wonderful piece of lateral thinking! Thanks, Ann!

As a matter of fact, we do not own a sofa and have not done since about
1985. The sage green plush, mix and match seat and corner elements
(remember those?) went to a family who are still using it and love the way
they can rearrange as they feel fit and being a neutral colour, it does not
matter what colour they paint the room. We personally find that sofas take
up too much space and are quite literally a pain in the back.... Most are
designed for looks, not comfort or support for "dodgy" backs and spines.

As most potters suffer from some sort of back troubles, they are probably
doing themselves good by ridding themselves of the sofa all together. Most
modern sofas and chairs are far too low for me and getting out of them at
friend's houses is such an extremely unladylike spectacle... I would never
dare sit in one where I am not known. Hotels and receptions are danger
zones. How can you scream "Get me out of here" to a crowd of strangers? Or
worse... There is nobody around to ask for help and you end up spending the
night in a darkened lobby...

The alternative method of shimmying up to the edge of the seat exposing
ever increasing amounts of bare thighs (thank god for tights/pantyhose
these days), then dropping down to the floor sideways onto one knee, then
heaving butt-end up first by levering lower arm or elbow on the seat is a
catastrophe, especially when the chair is on casters. Looks like an
impromptu praying to Allah session as chin hits floor and chair shoots
across the foyer. Any pretence you were looking for a contact lens /
dropped handkerchief / cigarette lighter under the seat is really blown and
the pain in your twisted arm needs medical attention. At least it is a good
excuse to repair to the bar for a restorative drink and those nice tall
stools you can hitch your bottom UP onto.

But seriously, we have no space for a sofa... Far too many pots and other
clutter to accommodate!

Janet Kaiser

The Chapel of Art =95 Capel Celfyddyd
8 Marine Crescent, Criccieth LL52 0EA, Wales, UK
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On 24/08/02 at 09:00 Ann Brink wrote:

>Well, hell, even my husband doesn't match the sofa!