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the sofa might have to go

updated sat 24 aug 02


Elca Branman on fri 23 aug 02

I have always believed that tastes change and grow and develope,so that
some artists' work i once admired above others have now been relegated to
second class.

It's like reading..When you are young, you really think Nancy Drew is
writing and then you read a real book and can never ever again go crime
solving with Nancy.. ditto food...Remember when a Mallomar was the
epitome of tongue happiness?

I'll bet your wine is now dry, your cheese is aged and while you might
like the look of a young 'un in a male,, you prefer substance to style.

I repeat...the sofa may have to go.

Did I mention ,gently, that all growth has some pain involved, but i'll
bet you know that.There's a charming Ogden Nash poem about a women who
bough furniture that made her house look cheap, so she bought a new
house that made her husband look cheap. She divorced her husdand and
married a man, who put her in a bind because he made HER look
cheap...paraphrasing poorly, but it's a vintage Ogden.
On Fri, 23 Aug 2002 07:21:05 -0700 Joyce Lee
> I recently came upon a small windfall and decided to use it to
> purchase = some art in a style I've long admired and which is different
from any in
> our = home .... abstract? I think it is ..... doesn't matter. I love
> two =
> expensive prints that I bought.
> ... mean much more to me than the money.
> >

Elca Branman,in Sarasota Florida

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