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internet class exchange request....

updated tue 20 aug 02


Karen Sullivan on mon 19 aug 02

I have a request....
I am teaching a high school ceramics class in
Southern California.
I would like to start a program with my students
for them to exchange information and ideas about
their ceramics, their culture, images of their work
on the internet.
The objective is for interaction to promote growth,
understanding of materials, cultures,
images for my students art work.
Also of interest is the use of the internet as
a tool for teaching, information gathering,
developing connections with other students who
can compare their educational experience.

By way of introduction, my high school class has
a diverse population of students. My focus is an
exchange originating in Great Britain, Ireland,
New Zealand or Australia.
My concern are language issues for not including
other countries. So English needs to be the
native language.

Many thanks to anyone who replies with
potential contacts

Keith Crockett