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choosing art/craft faires carefully/was death spiral

updated wed 21 aug 02


Jeremy McLeod on tue 20 aug 02

I've been reading some of the Death Spiral postings.

As part of a "Potters Association", we've been monitoring which
Faires have been good for us and which ones have been, to use
Ms. Critchlow's phrase, "public service". A pattern has become
a workable predictor of whether we'll "do a faire" or not.

Is the Faire in question catering to art more than, say, country
crafts? If so, we do well. Is the event more of a "street faire"
or "craft" faire? Folks may buy silk flowers and/or corn dogs
at such events, but they don't seem to buy pottery.

We're not yet established enough to rent a venue and stage our
own larger-scale event, but that's one direction we're considering.

We choose our venues pretty carefully now (after three years
of learning curve) and are experiencing a steady, even increasing,
level of sales.

Jeremy McLeod