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help with ^10 onglaze decoration

updated tue 20 aug 02


John Dowling on mon 19 aug 02

Hi Lindsay, an excellent gloss recipe for on glaze decoration is an old
production potters "4-3-2-1":
40% Custer Spar, 30% Silica, 20% Whiting & 10% EPK. If you want a dark glaze,
the above recipe make a wonderful member of the temmoku family by adding 5%
RIO and 3% Rutile. The glaze will actually start to go iron blue for you
where thick. It also breaks very nicely over ridges. Finally, try some brush
work using a 50:50 mix of RIO and Rutile mixed to the consistency of 2% milk.
Hope this helps. Peace & Aloha, John

lindsay stevenson on mon 19 aug 02

I wonder if any of you out there use a nice ^10 base glaze for onglaze
decoration. I am looking for a good base glaze recipe as well as the
formulas for onglazes. I am new to this form of decoration at cone ten
Reduction and any pointers regarding the technics would be greatly
appreciated. I would like to try several different base glazes so I hope a
few of you will have time to share some recipes and ideas.
Thanks, Lindsay

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