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when to handle?

updated fri 16 aug 02


Martin Rice on fri 16 aug 02

Apropos of the thread about handles: Until now, I haven't done any =
because I couldn't make a mug shape that was worth the bother. But
now I'd like to do so. My question has to do with when to do this. In =
words, I know that I can't attach the handle until I trim the mug. So =
usually, for me, medium leather hard. So when do I make the handle? Does =
have to be medium leather hard as well when I attach it? I can certainly
experiment to see how long it will take a handle to get to that stage, =
so I
guess the real question is, do they (mug and handle) have to be at the =
degree of dryness when one is attached to the other?

Lagunas de Bar=FA, Costa Rica