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slips & engobes book wanted (was: cone 6 reduction/michael

updated fri 16 aug 02


Jim Cullen on thu 15 aug 02


Try "The Complete Potter"-"Slips and Slipware" by Anthony Phillips
It has a little of everything and some nice pots too!

I bought mine at the Smithsonian for $19.95 It's a B. T. Batsford Ltd.

Naperville, Illinois
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From: "Marianne Lombardo"
Sent: Tuesday, August 13, 2002 8:22 PM
Subject: Slips & Engobes Book Wanted (Was: cone 6 reduction/Michael Bailey)

> I wish someone would put out a book on slips and engobes for cone 6
> electric. Not the usual stuff that's already published that is basically
> just decorating techniques which are totally useless if you can't make and
> fire a good slip or engobe in the first place.
> In such a book I would like to see:
> Ready-to-use complete recipes for both porcelain, and an iron-bearing
> stoneware claybody
> Recipes for both clays for application to soft leather, leather hard and
> greenware and bisque
> What makes matte, satin or glossy surfaces
> In-depth *learning* of the making of the above
> Use of the usual oxides for a variety of different colors and learning
> *why* such an such oxide combination does this color
> Use of layering techniques if possible with slips and engobes
> Firing information such as regular cooldown, slow cooldown, etc.
> Durability and food safe issues
> Some decorating techniques, whatever is most useful
> Hello out there... Anyone up to the challenge? I think it would sell
> well. I'll buy one, right now!
> My latest experiment applying an engobe on greenware turned out awful.
> Horrible dry very matte surface, color much too dark, cracks and flaking
> after firing. And all I wanted was a nice slightly-satin-matte sky blue
> with white slip trailings. No such luck.
> > Michael bailey will have a new book out soon on Cone 6 reduction glazes.
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