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teapot strainers redux

updated wed 14 aug 02


Hank Murrow on tue 13 aug 02

The Mayor said;
>i wax the bottoms of my teapots.
>and, i think, that is the only ones.
>and, they do not have sixty tiny holes
>in the back of the spout.
>one holers, that is what i make.
>(it takes hank three days to punch out 60 small
>holes in a teapot. in the time he does his strainer,
>i make nine more teapots. )
>the pp council is anti 60 holers. hank would
>never get into one of our `international` shows.

Hank replies that........Oh it takes me an hour and a half to make
'em, and the Mayor can make around thirty of his in that time. I'm a
niche-kind-of-guy I suppose, but I'll keep trying to make the grade.