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slips & engobes book wanted (was: cone 6 reduction/michael bailey)

updated wed 14 aug 02


Marianne Lombardo on tue 13 aug 02

I wish someone would put out a book on slips and engobes for cone 6
electric. Not the usual stuff that's already published that is basically
just decorating techniques which are totally useless if you can't make and
fire a good slip or engobe in the first place.

In such a book I would like to see:

Ready-to-use complete recipes for both porcelain, and an iron-bearing
stoneware claybody
Recipes for both clays for application to soft leather, leather hard and
greenware and bisque
What makes matte, satin or glossy surfaces
In-depth *learning* of the making of the above
Use of the usual oxides for a variety of different colors and learning
*why* such an such oxide combination does this color
Use of layering techniques if possible with slips and engobes
Firing information such as regular cooldown, slow cooldown, etc.
Durability and food safe issues
Some decorating techniques, whatever is most useful

Hello out there... Anyone up to the challenge? I think it would sell quite
well. I'll buy one, right now!

My latest experiment applying an engobe on greenware turned out awful.
Horrible dry very matte surface, color much too dark, cracks and flaking off
after firing. And all I wanted was a nice slightly-satin-matte sky blue
with white slip trailings. No such luck.

> Michael bailey will have a new book out soon on Cone 6 reduction glazes.