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updated tue 13 aug 02


Nancy Silver on mon 12 aug 02

Bruce Girrell recommends:

"Take a look at the book _I Could Do Anything I Want... if I only knew =
it was_ by Barbara Sher. Sher addresses the most basic problem of =
the perfect job..."

I second that motion. I also recommend by the same author: "It's only =
too late if you don't start now: Life after 40"
Awesome. Packed with insights, humor and quotes to remember from poets, =
philosophers, fiction writers, politicians. A standout among the =
self-help book genre!
It's validated and expressed things I had more vaguely discovered =
recently and given me many more insights. =20
Nancy (waaaaay past 40) S in Cincinnati

PS =20
a belated thanks to Dannon Rhudy for her workshop in Cinci. We all have =
a great base thanks to Annie Swantko's teaching. Dannon gave many of us =
a much-needed shove (kick in the b...?) towards stretching our =
creativity, skills etc. Thanks Dannon