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used book story (long)

updated mon 12 aug 02


Barbara Brown on sun 11 aug 02

Aug 23rd I'm leaving for Greece to attend the International Academy of
Ceramics meeting organized by Kerameiki Techni (a wonderful
international ceramic art magazine)
The meeting consists of ceramic exhibitions, lectures and workshops It
is in Athens 8/26-8/30 It then continues with a 3 day Aegean cruise to
4 pottery islands. Delos, Siphnos, Santorini and Crete 8/30-9/1 This is
followed with an optional classical and byzantine tour of central and
northern Greece 9/2-0/7
I decided to go on the internet and check out Athens and the 4 greek
islands. I found a wonderful website called Athens Survival Guide
The island Siphnos is called the potters island. On the website you can
bring it up and see pictures of all the potters and their work. It
mentioned a book called Siphnos the potters island by George Moussa that
you could buy at a bookstore on the island. I went to my favorite used
book website and put in the name of the book and lo
and behold there was one copy waiting for me at a book dealer in
Emeryville, Cal right here in the SF bay area where I live. I promptly
ordered the book and my daughter, Lisa paid for it for my birthday.
So that is my used book story.
My favorite new book place is Steven Branfman's Potters Shop


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