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soda glazes ^6 by ababi

updated fri 9 aug 02


Joyce Lee on thu 8 aug 02

Thanks for sharing the pictures, Ababi. =20
I think you are truly onto something special here. Lovely, soft look =
all by itself; I agree that it's not imitation ... especially a poor =
imitation ..... that you're after. Continue with your work along this
line, please, and keep us informed. =20

You are a generous man for sharing
your hard-earned results. I'm torn between appreciating your =
and the feeling that you should keep it
to yourself for your own book or articles. Either way, the pieces are =

In the Mojave wishing the ravens would
not fly over our property on the way to
the dump ..... means I'll have to turn into
the Wicked Desert Lady again, shaking my fist and yelling .... don't =
want them=20
scaring the westie .... well, she has no
fears (except for vacuum cleaners and
helicopters flying too low) ... but I fear that
they'll try to cart her off......