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soda glaze in^6 ox.

updated fri 9 aug 02


Ababi on thu 8 aug 02

Criticism, is very important, especially when you work alone. You might fall in love with
your works and never improve them. You might make bad works and mistakenly think
these are masterpiece.
I think I have a breakthrough, I might be wrong. I want you to write either to the list or
to me, what do you think about my new ^6 electric kiln soda glazes. I shall add here
the recipes,and how to do them.
The point was not to make a false or fake. The point was how to create in my
conditions glazes I would never make otherwise.
Marta wrote me and explained me how she made that bowl and I decided to make a
high soda glaze add RIO in different amounts and apply thin by spraying

I add here from my site:
If you read it seep to the next part:

>I sent to Marta small light weight black paperclay bowl.
>Marta sent me a small groleg soda fired bowl. In the middle there was a sea shell.

>They passed each other somewhere above the Atlantic ocean, I believe more or less
near Atlantis: Never met.
>Learning that small, tiny wares can be beautiful and learning how to make them,
small thin,delicate, without wheels led to these works I uploaded here.
>This is only the beginning.
>I intend to make some of the advanced glaze tests on such bowls: These I know for
sure that will be good, not sure the tint.

>The next step I made a high soda glaze for ^6 ox.
>I added different amounts of RIO and to one test, copper oxide.

>I did not sieve the glazes.
>I will repeat some of the tests this time I will sieve them.

Not all the glazes are soda, I shall send you the two new ones, about the improved
calico I shall write latter.
I will go to the studio now, in a few hours it will be too hot there
So, thank you for your time
Ababi Sharon
Glaze addict
Kibbutz Shoval Israel