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colored paperclay scraps.

updated fri 9 aug 02


Ababi on thu 8 aug 02

In the summer it is almost impossible to be in my studio except a few hours a
day, yet this is the best time for paperclay-ing you pour the slip on the plaster table in
the morning and "pick" it dried at night.
No students, except Vika, so I can test all the time.
I hope I will be able to sell something but in a country with economic problems, people
are not running to buy "unnecessary" wares.
It was one of the reasons that led me to make small bowls.
Please enter to Vika's page. Her parents are in Russia, this page allows them to see
her works.
As a daughter of an artist , (her mother) she is not afraid to try new thing. So is my
daughter Anat. I am sure you know what I mean, not being afraid to ruin and learn try
and error!

The last four slides describe a common work we made. Mine will be finished as "new
while hers is just great. It is kind of work that the "common" person might of say Ugly.
I tell you I am proud of her product!
It was made out of small over wet different kinds & colored paperclay scraps. More in:

Ababi Sharon
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