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business is for making money..... or,

updated thu 8 aug 02


Philip Poburka on wed 7 aug 02

of Eros embrac'd or exil'd as may in us, or us in it

'Business' and Life are continuous I would think...they are exactly the same
thing...there is no difference ingenuously possible...what one does in
Business, one simply, actually, is doing in
Life...doing with Life or maybe doing to Life.

Any delusional imaginings asserting ontological or 'Catagoric' seperation,
is psychosis, or is a deception bred of (and expressing of ) psychosis, or

There are many faces of covert hostility, whose visages are the gallery of
the 'corporate' world, the 'political' world, and generally the 'finnancial'
world...these are approximate disguises and cameoflagues for hatred...venues
for sureptitious revenge and exploitive of compensations sought
for people's self created deficiencies as are mediated in various pretexts
or recipes of 'Stone Soup'...much of which
colloquially is called, or goes under the heading, of
'Business'....'families'...'government'...'law'...'education' etc, ad

And when so, it should simply be called what it is.

Mostly, much of what people call 'business', looks to me like vignettes
from an etiology of victimhood, psychosis and spiritual penury...continuous
with other expressions of and inductions's perpetuation and

Too bad...

Or so it seem to this Child...

ell vee