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updated sun 4 aug 02


Eleanor on sat 3 aug 02

Try this:

Ten Ren has shops all over the western and Eastern world. I visited
the one in Flushing (Queens, NY). It's located in a teeming mixed
Asian neighborhood: wonderful shops; restaurants; jewelry stores
featuring jade; grocery stores with every imaginable Asian

Ten Ren sells loose tea out of huge brass canisters; you can sniff
the tea and then buy it by the quarter ounce. I got some
jasmine-scented green tea which is heavenly.

They also sell tea accessories---teapots, cups, etc. No teabowls :-)

Their literature has instructions for brewing and is very clear on
the point that tea and metal don't mix. Tea should NEVER be brewed
in a metal teaball or strained through a metal strainer. What may be
of interest to potters is that they sell strainers which fit over the
rim of a teacup.They are made of perforated porcelain.

I think the matter of holes in teapots is moot---whatever sells, I
imagine. In my experience those holes don't strain out smaller
particles of tea. Loose tea, when brewed, sinks to the bottom of the
pot and most of it will stay there when the tea is poured and what
gets into the cup goes to the bottom too. Not a problem.

Maybe those who sell teapots might consider making teacup strainers
to go with their pots.

Eleanor Kohler
Centerport, NY hot, hot, hot