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microwave safe with israeli <>able claybodies ^6

updated sun 4 aug 02


Ababi on sat 3 aug 02

There are several claybodies we use that has wide rang, We can fire them from
1000C to 1280C. In this case it is very hard to test them to "microwave safe" To test
we can, but might not succeed.
I want to tell about two claybodies that one of the supplier calls them as "high fire
while these are actually ^5 maximum ^6
The first is K 3020
The second is Calico of Laguna. If you will open your Babylon translator you will find
out that calico has meaning not a name of an American potter or poet

I must check some more claybodies I I will have more details I shall write them here.
Perhaps Israeli Shmueli knows more claybodies for this rang.
If you will take the paperclay-body I sent earlier today , add to it 5% Bentonite and
0.2% magnesium sulfate you will get ^6 porcelain a bit yellowish
Ababi Sharon
Glaze addict
Kibbutz Shoval Israel