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clean drain tea pot holes. name the detritus!

updated sun 4 aug 02


iandol on fri 2 aug 02

Dear Rick Hugel,

"Swarf", and ancient word for the dust from filing any material. Often =
used to denote the mass of fine turnings associated with lathe work or =
drilling. Another nice word from the same workshop route is "Fash", =
denoting the rough edge which is sometimes found along the edge of a =
material which has been cut with a saw which creates an "Arris". You may =
get "Fash' on the inside of a teapot strainer which has to be removed if =
you want a clean "Arris", that is the edge formed between the planes of =
the cylindrical aperture and the inside face of the pot.

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis.