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updated sat 3 aug 02


Joyce Lee on fri 2 aug 02

The mayor said:
"my experience has been that many want
to help others, but the reality is:

no checks get sent."
----------------------------------------------------------This was not =
my experience during the Clay It Forward event. I didn't keep count of =
the actual dollars but a great many times more than twenty were spent. =
I think the difference was that Clay It Forward was for a specific cause =
..... a one time deal each time ..... was planned and carried out by =
individual claybuds. I was only the catalyst.

Many of us probably don't want to contribute to some nebulous "general" =
fund, but we'll reach deep into our pockets to give for specific causes =
that have meaning for us personally. If the plea is simply to "give," I =
think Mel is right.
It won't happen. We want to know where our money is going and that it's =
a project that is meaningful to us.

In the Mojave