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how to turn a slow show into a great experience

updated thu 1 aug 02


claybair on tue 30 jul 02

Last weekend I set up and tore down my display from a so-so show.
It would have been a depressing show if not for meeting several clayarters.
Lynne and Paul Antone from Olympia WA and I became fast friends. They had
an amusing introduction to my family when I invited them to dinner at our
My 76 yr old mother, my sister and her 2 kids are visiting me for the month
were the unofficial greeters.
My best laid plans for dinner were dashed by my son who ate the salmon &
NO.... Joe Herbert it was NOT the Salmon Mousse! In spite of the salmon
thievery we pulled together dinner, shared familial & pottery stories.
My sister entertained us with her voice, guitar and harmonicas. It made me
forget about the day and steeled me for the next day which was another slow
day. After tearing down we met Lynne and Paul at a local restaurant/bar to
see my sister perform at the open mike night.
I have met a lot of people in my lifetime but I can say unconditionally that
potters are the best!
I have never met a warmer, friendlier, sincere, honest & giving group of
people. Heaven must be filled with potters.
Thanks for the great pots Lynn and Paul.... I think I got the better part of
the trade!

Gayle Bair
Bainbridge Island, WA