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great workshop

updated tue 19 jul 05


Frank Gaydos on thu 25 jul 02

We recently had the privilege of having Jimmy Clark, co-founder of the =
Clay Studio here in Philadelphia, conduct a pinch pot making / sawdust =
firing workshop.
The workshop lasted two weeks of four days each, four hours per day.
The next to last day was spent 'out in the country' in old historic =
Yellow Springs/Chester Springs doing the sawdust firing. The last day =
was spent ogling the work and learning how to 'cold glaze' the pots for =
If you are looking for an interesting workshop experience or would =
consider adding pinch pot making to your future offerings then I =
recommend contacting Jimmie Clark.

Frank Gaydos
" I feel strongly that the visual arts are of vast and incalculable =
importance. Of course I could be prejudiced. I am a visual art."
-Kermit the Frog, =20

Lynne Berman on mon 18 jul 05

For those of you who have missed John Britt's workshop at the Long Beach
Island Foundation of Arts and Sciences in Loveladies, NJ, I'd recommend you do
your best to catch the next one. We've done an 02 firing with great oil spots,
Steve Irvine iron red and leopard spot khaki as well as some nice surprises with
our regular studio glazes. Both oribes look fabulous and the internet rust
was buttery to touch and a beautiful satiny matt.

Next up: an R3 firing and a soda firing in the newly converted electric kiln.
Then there's the clay we dug up on the beach we'll experiment with. In fact,
we experiment all day, anything goes. John's a veritable encyclopedia of
ceramic information.

Best of all, we aren't being encouraged to copy his style but instead, he
helps us become better us. What a treat!

Tomorrow we see a PowerPoint presentation on the history of ceramics. We've
seen a couple of slide shows so far and still have the rest of this week to go.
Looking forward to a rest on the beach.

Lynne Berman
at the Jersey shore