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fire clay (discountined)

updated sat 27 jul 02


BVCuma on fri 26 jul 02

In a timely turn of events : )
my source of Thane Fire Clay
has been discontinued by the supplier.
Due to excessive free silica
and heavy spotting from pyrites.
(This has been a source of irritation lately...
as glaze development has been pushed in
the direction of "full coverage"=20
in an effort to subdue the problem.)
He now says he has a substitute (fire) ball clay
to replace this fireclay...
which he happily stated is of very fine particle size.
On questioning he said shrinkage and cracking is no prob
in a direct 1 for 1 sub...
I am not so sure and feel an addition
of 200 mesh kyanite may add some tooth, strength
and variation to the smaller particle aspects of body makeup.
l'll see when the delivery arrives.


Your right Jonathan..."garbage" in the fireclay
is a problem.