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cone 6 electric/reduction discussion

updated sat 27 jul 02


BOBBIE LISTERMAN on fri 26 jul 02

Hope I have entered the right discussion. I have been playing with glazes
that will work in both oxidation and reduction at cone 6 for quite a while
but felt I was alone in my lunacy. I will be glad to supply specific
recipes but for starters, several of R. Malmgrens cone 6 reduction bases
(Rust/Red, Temmoku and the Leather glaze) work well but you need to get a
good solid 6 in electric. Also several of the mid fire bases in Daley's
book are great. Just don't do what I did and look for a cone 10 look at
cone 6 gas. The look is different and great. The Butterscotch recipe in
this discussion site works well as a rutile (teadusty) type accent in gas.
Will enjoy further discussion - Bobbie Listerman