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updated fri 26 jul 02


iandol on wed 24 jul 02

Dear Tom Buck,

I am wondering if some of the people who have responded to your =
challenge may have got things wrong. So I looked at your original =
message. Those that are now discussing the recipes which have been =
proffered seem to have disregarded your original statement which was....

Please design for me a gloss base glaze for Cone 3. I give you a hint: =
start with the Watts Formula: 0.4 KNaO; 0.3 CaO; 0.3 ZnO; 0.5/0.6 Al2O3; =
3.5-3.55 AiO2....

and are now talking about Cone six.

I note that you clearly ask for a CONE THREE glaze. Since you say it has =
to be a base glaze I would assume that in addition to being Shiny it is =
also Transparent.

I would not have given the benefit of the A. S. Watts Unity formula. But =
then, I like to be cruel to my students.

A great challenge. I hope my comments so far get past the Moderator.

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia