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congress looking at restoring artists fair market value deductions

updated fri 26 jul 02


John Baymore on wed 24 jul 02

Hi all out there in CLAYART-land.

I just got the following post from the NH State arts organization. Thoug=
all those in the USA =

might want to know about this and contact your respective governmental



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Congress Considers Restoring Fair-Market-Value Tax Deductions for Artists=


Last week the Senate Finance Committee voted to send the CARE Act (S. 192=
to the Senate floor with the Artists Fair Value Market Deductions Bill
attached. If approved by the full Senate, the CARE Act will go to a
conference committee to work out the differences between the Senate bill
its companion bill in the House, the Faith-based Initiatives Bill (H.R. 7=
Since the artists' bill is not in the House bill, it will be up to the
Ways and Means Committee to determine if it will accept the artists' bill=

part of the final package.

The Artists Fair Value Market Deductions Bill would restore to artists,
writers, composers, and scholars the ability to take a fair-market-value
deduction for works that they donate to an appropriate non-profit
institution. Under current law, although art collectors can deduct the fa=
market value of works that they donate to a museum or library, the artist=
who created them can only deduct the cost of the materials that they used=

create the works.

To stay in touch with upcoming national and state legislation affecting t=
arts in New Hampshire, you may wish to join New Hampshire Citizens for th=
Arts, which maintains an online advocacy network. The New Hampshire
for the Arts address is 2 Eagle Square Suite 400, Concord, NH 03301. E-ma=
contacts for the organization are: Glen Swanson, Vice President, at; Marilyn Hoffman, Secretary, at; or Sara Germain, board member, at
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John Weber on thu 25 jul 02

For those of you interested you can access the status of a bill like this at you just type in the Senate Bill number in the search
block, so here you would type in SB1924 or for the House Bill type in
the box HB7.