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crackled glaze for ^10

updated thu 25 jul 02


Joyce Lee on tue 23 jul 02

Turns out that the backup disk for glazes that are important to me in =
hopes of using them "someday," had a virus in one of the posts saved on =
it .... advised by MacAfee not to use it/to discard it since it was a =
bad one and caused me much grief before installing different detection =

Anyway, I have crackle glaze recipes for raku and for firing below ^10 =
.... but can't find the ONE for which I'm searching..... big crackles =
.... works every time. Anybody have any info you'd like to share? If =
not, I'm up to testing all the crackles in the archives once again =
before finding MY glaze but I'd rather not.
All my testing info was on that disk, also.
I just know that some of my square vases would look magnificent in =

Thank you for thinking about it, anyway.

In the Mojave adjusting to split morning and evening hours in the studio =
.... was making myself sick trying to fit everything into one shift. =
Did you know that I never knew I was obsessive, and, yes ... compulsive =
..... until becoming involved with clay? For a hundred years I thought =
of myself as calm, patient, understanding ... sprinkling stardust and =
hope wherever I so generously trod...... drat ... clay sure reveals the =
genuine you, does it not? Of course, I sometimes was told that I was a =
bit obsessive..... well, stubborn ... determined .... hard-headed ... =
but I figured those unfortunates just "had problems" of their own which =
were reflected in their judgment of me...... ah.... what a somethin' web =
we weave when first we practice to deceive ..... never knew it applied =
to deceiving oneself.......