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works breaking in gallery - handleing pieces...

updated wed 24 jul 02


Philip Poburka on mon 22 jul 02

Dear Cindi,

You have a good idea here...many people may be shy to pick up, handle or
examine in a tactile way, of the wares or items we may want them to
experience in more than a passing glance.

Not everyone may know how to handle some things, and it may be a good way to
learn, if the maker or other person should guide them in the particulars...

I have allways touched 'Art' or Sculture or other in Galleries or Museums,
as per my judgement to do so, and sometimes it has made the folks nervous.

If at 'Shows' or the like, I allways ask if I may...

One time, I caressed a ceramic sculptural piece, inn a Gallery, and I KNEW
it was a mite 'unstable', to say the least, and as I were walking away, it
evidently did the half-gainer off the pedestal...'Cuhhh-RASH!!!"


I walked over to the aghast clerk on station, and said, "Well...hows about
you write me up in yer 'Sales-Book' for a Cash purchase, as I just bought
this art-piece' as has to it some 'kinetic' propensities it seems...and give
me the artists info while yer at it...

We gathered up the pieces which were few and well defined it happens...put
'em in a box...

Turned out I knew the guy...the I gave it to him to fix or what
as he pleased...and that was that.

Everyone got paid the same as if I 'bought' it because I DID 'buy' it...

Why not?

Fair's 'fair' - !

ell vee

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From: "Cindi Anderson"
Sent: Monday, July 22, 2002 10:24 AM
Subject: Re: Works breaking in Gallery

> I am afraid that in the world of legalities, the sign has to be posted or
> cannot be enforced.
> I was recently at a huge ceramic show, and almost everyone I ran into was
> afraid to touch anything. A few artists had signs on lids that said "lift
> me", etc. I think everybody needs sign in their booth that say it is ok
> pick up the pots (unless of course you don't want them to.) Maybe
> need the same signs on functional items. How about?: Please handle the
> pieces, they get lonely! People that do not know pottery don't know that
> is ok to pick them up. I of course turned them all over to look at the
> finishing on the bottom... Actually I was surprised that some of the work
> in this excellent show was not very finished on the bottom.
> Cindi
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