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"the book"

updated wed 24 jul 02


Ababi on mon 22 jul 02

There was a clayarter ( or two) saying ( writing) nothing was new in "the book" I think
they were right:
An Instances: As far as I know Silica and alumina are in this world over some million
years: Perhaps even million years and two hours!
R&J Shame on you!

In Tony Hansen's site I found the "tests" long time ago, ( Last milenium) but only after
reading twice "the book" I dared making them.

There was a letter in clayart saying the repeting of subjects in the CM: The answer
was: Changing of generations. True.

Even I not so many years in ceramics, wrote some answers 4-5 times as new
clayarter joined, looked for an answer, might of been given a week ago.

I am glad this book, as well as Mike Bailey's book have been published in this time
that I have the tools to learn from them.

To tell you the truth
I made one test of the colored glazes, I failed perhaps because I did not do the slow
cooling. I do not care this book is my M O S ( Master Of Self learning)
So is Bailey's book. From that book I have got wide look of ( every thing you wanted to
do in ^6 ox but you did not dare trying!)

Not to forget: From Lana Wilson's handbook MOC:(Master Of Creativity:)
Ababi Sharon
Glaze addict
Kibbutz Shoval Israel