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kiln sitter

updated wed 27 jun 07


Miriam Steele on sun 21 jul 02

Well, let me see know....other than a year with one of
those awful electronic kilns, I finally got rid of
it!!!!! & went back to the kiln sitter type...which I
run with ONE cone in the sitter...Been firing since
1969, & am a wholesale clay person ....with a great
many shops... Of course, I let the kiln sitter turn
the kiln off!!!!!!
Is this now supposed to be something "one does not do"????????

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John Hesselberth on mon 22 jul 02

Hi Miriam,

Let's just say you won't get the benefits of slow cooling. Kiln Sitters
were designed to be safety backups. In my opinion that is the way they
are best used. If you are interested in digging more into this there is
lots in the archives. It has been several many times. It is an issue of
convenience vs. getting the best out of your firings. Sorry to hear you
didn't like your computer-controlled kiln--I wouldn't be without one.



On Sunday, July 21, 2002, at 06:35 PM, Miriam Steele wrote:

> Of course, I let the kiln sitter turn
> the kiln off!!!!!!
> Is this now supposed to be something "one does not do"????????

Marcia Selsor on fri 27 apr 07

You may need to adjust the position of the weight IN the lever. That
is the part that touches the lip hook from the rod of the
sitter.After a while they seem to move from their functioning action
of dropping.
To reposition the weight, take a small screw driver and loosenthe set
screw of the weight in the middle of the lever. There is a template
that comes with the sitter to correctly position the weight, If you
don't have one, place a cone into position inside the kiln. Set the
lip end from the rod on the outside to a position of 1/16 inch or so.
You could play around with a melted cone and see how much to need to
adjust the weight.
It takes less than a minute to keep this well adjusted.

Marcia Selsor

Cindy Bracker Sturm on tue 26 jun 07

I think Arnold hinted at this, but I was wondering what shut off the
kiln as well. Do you have a timer on that sitter? Did the timer
shut the kiln off before the cone could bend and shut it off?

Cindy Bracker Sturm
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On Jun 24, 2007, at 5:41 AM, wrote:

> Kilnsitter problem.
> Posted by: "Annette Libby" SLib700@AOL.COM
> Sat Jun 23, 2007 9:02 pm (PST)
> Hi everybody .I've been having a problem with my kilnsitter. The
> bar's bend
> correctly during the bisque firing ( Cone 06) but when I glaze fire
> at Cone 6
> the bar in the sitter barely bends. We checked all the coils in the
> kiln and
> they are ok, also checked the senser rod etc. in the sitter but
> still no
> clue. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance!! Annette Libby.
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