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rhudy workshop

updated mon 22 jul 02


Annie Swantko on sun 21 jul 02

Hi Folks:

Apologize for the tardy report, just now getting caught up. Sue Cline's
report was right on target, couldn't sum it up better myself. I'ld like
to add that one of the benefits of a public studio such as ours is that
I get plenty of feedback in the days that follow a workshop. Without exc=
the participants truly enjoyed Dannon's style and presentation - especial=
those crazy pots she makes using textured slabs and a thrown waste mold.
She still needs to come up with a name for them, though.

Those who participated in the hands-on were thrilled. So much fun to actu=
make the stuff while the presenter is there. Time flew by. Speaking of
time, the "time" exercises were a great confidence builder to all. Most
didn't know they could make a full pot in 60 seconds. Now, the hard part=

- get focused, and get to work.

As the hostess, Dannon was delightful to have at the house. Nightly discu=
of our industry and its players was fun.

Dannon - you're welcome back any time!


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