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hendley/ issenberg workshop

updated sun 21 jul 02


Valerie Hawkins on fri 19 jul 02

Got home from the workshop a couple of hours ago. I can't tell you what a
blast I had! David and Mark were terrific. Talented, enthused and totally
approachable. There were 5 or 6 clayarters among the student body and we
really had a riot getting to know each other and working together. The food
was almost as good as the company. I'm torn between being disappointed that
Sheila and Tony couldn't make it and thrilled to get to meet David, David's
wife Karen (a super lady!) and Captain Mark.

We finished the workshop today by watching Sheila's video followed by cane
handle making, and we were getting some beautiful handles in short time.
Mine need a little work, but I'm getting there!

I would recommend the ACC to anyone and everyone. I'm going next year and
taking my spouse. The artists of all disciplines were friendly and eager to
share their work. The center is in a lovely location and the staff bends
over backwards to be accommodating. The food, as rumored, was incredible.
David and Mark did a tremendous job of teaching and were very generous with
their knowledge and methods, as well as being just plain fun to be around.
And I learned so much from the other participants as well. We'd work from
early morning to late at night breaking only to periodically stuff ourselves
at Mama Lea's, then gather for conversation and refreshing beverages. There
were some amazing pieces in the Center's gallery from David, Dannon and
Vince. And I had the opportunity to fondle and covet a couple of stunning
tea bowls from our own Artimator, given by him to David. Believe me when I
say that Arti's website does not do his tea bowls justice. They are

I have not had this much fun in a very long time. And now, I feel
creatively charged, full of ideas, and I still have a huge grin on my face!