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ceramics art & perception #48 & paul lewing workshop.

updated sat 20 jul 02


Les Haworth on fri 19 jul 02

Hello all! One of the great things about working for Laguna Clay Co. is that
I get to read all the new magazines for free. Well now to the point of this
message. The new Ceramics Art & Perception #48 is good reading so far... I
recommend that everyone check it out! I just finished reading the first
article. Peter Voulkos, An affirmation of Art and Life. by John Balistreri.
His tribute to Pete is skillfully written and sincere, Great article! Can't
wait to read the rest. Also I just returned from Sierra Nevada College in
Nevada where I attended a Paul Lewing Workshop. Great three days. Especially
useful were the Limit formulas, and the pros and cons of the major Glaze
calculation programs. If your interested in formulating your own glazes, I
highly recommend this workshop. Also, if you've never been to Sierra Nevada
College the clean air alone is worth the trip. Treat yourself to a complete
experience by taking a Vacation uhh, I mean workshop there.

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"When I was in elementary school my teacher pinned a note to my shirt for my
parents to read. It said, 'Charlene is not coloring inside the lines.' My
parents contacted the teacher and asked the teacher what the purpose of
coloring inside the lines was.' The teacher didn't quite know what to say,
except that the direction she had given was to color inside the lines. My
dad told me to color any way I wanted to and when I was done coloring, to
draw a black line around my picture." Charlene Felos, Ceramics Instructor -
Cypress College