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beyond words.... or endless "teapots", aka.....

updated sat 20 jul 02


Karen on fri 19 jul 02

Subject: Beyond Words.... or endless
"Teapots", aka.....

...aka.... Cedar Creek Gallery's National Teapot Show V.....


Tom Gray's "occassional newsletter" July 12th, 2002


"I hope you have had a chance to drop by Cedar Creek Gallery in
Creedmoor(NC) to view the National Teapot Show V (
. I haven't been there in person yet, but
have viewed all (250+) the teapots on their web site. It's an excellent
display, running the gamut of what people are doing with clay teapots
these days. For those of you that live in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel
Hill area, you are minutes from Cedar Creek. Heading North on I-85, it's
the first exit North of Falls Lake. The show will run until September
15th. I plan on making a day trip up there soon, maybe I'll run into

Ya'll just gotta see this....

Over 300 teapots by over 175 American artists on display (&
online!)..... breathtaking, beyond description..... porcelain, stoneware,
earthenware. low, mid & high-fire. electric, wood, salt, raku, and
sooooo very much more than clay....silver, wood, glass & felt (Yes,
Felt!). whimsical, alive, dancing, vibrant, art deco, traditional, avant
garde, magical, miraculous..... waves which seem so very real that one
can almost hear the sea preparing to crash & smell the salt, feel the
damp of the spray. pots so alive they appear to dance, photographs so
vivid you want to reach thru your computer & touch them.... glazes so
diverse you can't begin to imagine them. teapots which defy one's
imagination, beyond the realms of tea or pots. Just teapots. Good ol'
comforting pots for tea.... You will Not be able to take your eyes off
these pots.... no matter from which media they are created.... You will
be enthralled.=A0 Your eyes will not be dismayed...... you will Not be able
to get enough of them.... far from discouraging, they are enlightening,
inspiring, uplifting....they have created new goals for me....taken my
imagination far away.... beyond my capabilities, to a whole new realm of
images, a level of creativeness & inspiration I may never attain, but
will strive for as long as I am in clay....

Enjoy this feast & may these incredible images lift your inspiration
as high as they have mine.=A0 These are the kinds of things that inspire
& motivate me.... :)


(from Raleigh, NC..... staying in trying to beat the heat..... and
thankful we had another boomer rainstorm last nite..... it's still too
dry here....)