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ash glaze problem

updated sun 21 jul 02


BVCuma on sat 20 jul 02

>>I am having a problem with an ash glaze that once worked beautifully,
Any suggestions?<<

If my previous assumptions were correct,
and you really want the glaze as you had it..
You could boil it to dissolve the crystals
back into solution and "fast" cool, apply as usual ; )

Or mix up your next batch and keep it in powder form
and hydrate only as much as required for usage at a time.

Alternatively try CMC, I know it is not recommended by the "experts"
but I really like the stuff, as most of my work is applied with brush.
This will give you an opportunity to see if the crystal clusters
can create new and exciting possibilities
in texture or variegated color enhancement.

Try different things, just let you hands reach out and...experiment.

Good luck,