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updated thu 18 jul 02


Dannon Rhudy on wed 17 jul 02

I wanted to post a note about Annie's Mudpie Shop in Cincinnati.
This was my first visit, but won't be my last. What a facility!!
I've not seen a commercial facility of such size before, nor one
so well thought-out. There must be some 25,000 square feet
of space, much of which is alotted to students and folks who
rent space to work on their own. The work stations for wheel
and hand building are VERY well set up (and numbered -
Annie is very well organized!), with plaster wedging slabs,
wood-topped work space, a zillion wheeled carts for every
purpose (also wood topped). A great work space, and of course
she had clay and raw materials for clay and glazes available
too. My greatest impression was one of cleanliness. I've never
seen a commercial space so devoid of clay dust. And she
built it herself - cart by cart, table by table. Impressive.

God, I hope she didn't build the electric kilns. I didn't ask-
I'd be getting some unfortunate complex, here.

The workshop was fun, especially the final day, which was
hands-on for the participants. A good group. A great space.
Check it out next time you're up/over/out that way.


Dannon Rhudy