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pit firing and weather

updated thu 18 jul 02


Jim V Brooks on tue 16 jul 02

Debbie,, my experience tells me that you have all the color you are going to
get.. ---take the cover off and let it cool and get the pots out before the
water gets them.. The clay is a "soft fire" and can be damaged by the water..
Jim in Denton.

DEBTOMTUCKER on tue 16 jul 02

I need your help I did a pit firing on Sunday the pit is 3 feet deep and =
4 feet wide with 1 foot hard wood sawdust=20
in the bottom there is 40 or so pots in it we filled it with =
newspaper and hard wood till it was 2 feet above the pit then lit it.
Everything went fine,it burned down till the ash bed filled the pit .We =
then covered it with damp straw then cow poop and covered it with a =
steel plate and called it a day.
My problem is it calls for rain on Thursday the way the pit is cooling =
now (slow) I"m afraid it won't be cooled enough to unload it before the =
ground water reaches it when it rains.So should I just hope everything =
turns out fine or should I take the steel cover off to hurry it up so in =
cooling OR WHAT!!! HELP I've got a lot of people just sitting around not =
knowing what to do (me too)
Thank you for all you help Please FAST the clouds are moving in.
Debbie Tucker

Kurt Wild on wed 17 jul 02

At 06:45 AM 7/16/02 -0400, you wrote:
>..........should I take the steel cover off to hurry it up so in =
>cooling .............


I would take the cover off and poke around carefully (so as to not hurt the
pots) for the pots and lift them out with protective gloves. I have fast
cooled primitive fired pots with no problem.

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