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selling olympic eletric kiln

updated tue 16 jul 02 on mon 15 jul 02

i have a barely used olympic 3027 oval 16=2E5 cuft electric kiln for sale=2E=

have owned it since jan 2002 and fired only about 35 times (i keep a
detailed log of every firing)=2E i need to sell it to downsize=2E it uses =
amps and my shared studio/school only has 100 amps service and i can't
afford the electrical upgrade so i want to sell and get two smaller kilns=2E=

it has an electronic
controller=2E it is rated cone 10, although i only bisque to 07 and glaze =
cone 6=2E it weighs 400lbs and whomever buys it will need to pay shipping =
come get it=2E i will throw in the 70 amp breaker for free ($50)=2E i am i=
lexington, kentucky=2E i am asking $2500 (somewhat negotiable)=2E any
questions or if you are in the area and want to see it=2E call me at
859-389-9681 (after july 21--i'm on vacation!) or email me now=2E you
wouldn't want the shelves i have for it-most of them are from my 12 year
old oval, now resting=2E
link henderson
kentucky mudworks, llc

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