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mudpie potters workshops in august

updated tue 16 jul 02


Donna Gates on tue 16 jul 02

Hello ClayArt Readers!
Mudpie Potters has a few more openings in these two really wonderful
workshops taught by excellent teachers.

Cynthia Consentino currently has an installation in the Decordova Museum
near Boston if you are local and would like to get a feeling for her work.
She was also
in Upfront of the May 2002 issue of Ceramics Monthly. Her unique vision
and wacky personality will make for a really unusual and fun workshop.
(She's a really good friend of mine, it's ok for me to characterize her as

Mark Shapiro makes creating forms on the wheel accessible and is certainly
a master at what he does and how he teaches what he does. Mudpie Potters'
studio assistant has been working part time for him and has nothing but
wonderful reports on his studio and kilns and everything. Mudpie's studio
has a long way to go apparently!

Come join us for one or both of these workshops. Email me about lodging if
you want to stay the weekend. My backyard is open!
--Donna Gates, director Mudpie Potters Community Clay Center

Clay that Says Something: Social Commentary in Figurative Sculpture
Instructor: Cynthia Consentino
One-day demonstration & slides August 3, 10am-4pm, $80
limit 20 students, bring a bag lunch

Participants in this workshop will get the inside view of how one artist
conceives and creates large figurative sculpture with strong social or
political commentary. Techniques covered will include how to work with clay
to make a very large (near life size) piece, how to fire it in sections and
then reassemble it, as well as insights into how she turns a concept into a
visual statement that says what she wants the public to hear. This workshop
is a must for anyone wanting to increase the scale of their work both in
terms of size and political impact.

Pots for Pouring and Drinking
Instructor: Mark Shapiro
One-day demonstration, August 4, 10am-4:30pm, $80
limit 20 students, bring a bag lunch

Cups, mugs, pitchers, batter-bowls, teapots, flasks, jugs, any vessel that
pours or you can take a drink from is a subject for this day of
demonstration and questions. Special attention will be paid to harmonizing
each vessel's form and function. Mark will answer these questions: How do
you make a comfortable handle that has some life to it; a spout that both
looks good and pours; a pot that's personal and does the job? The wheel
will be Mark's point of departure as he demonstrates how to facet, pull,
add, and alter his pieces, developing a lively and expressive vocabulary of
these most handled of forms.

Contact Donna Gates, Mudpie Potters, 13 Montague Rd, PO Box 3, Leverett, MA
01054; email, telephone (413) 367-0047.

Just to let you know a little bit about Mudpie Potters Community Clay
Center in Leverett, MA, we are located in central MA near Amherst &
Northampton. We are housed in the Leverett Crafts & Arts building, home to
18 different artists and organizations including painters, drum makers,
metal workers, a screenprinter, knife maker, sculptors and of course
potters. Our studio's backyard opens to wooded areas with great hiking
trails and our atmosphere is relaxed. If you'd like to know more about any
of these workshops or to register, email me and I'll send you a full course
listing plus registration form.