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credit card processing through potters council

updated sun 14 jul 02


Brad Sondahl on fri 12 jul 02

This is an update on a credit card thread I started this winter.
I've been using the Paymentech credit card processing obtained by
joining the Potter's Council for several months now. I bought a used
terminal with printer from Ebay, to minimize other costs. I'm not sure
that I'm increasing sales with having this capability, but lots of
people like the ease of use of plastic over writing checks, so it's
probably a plus on customer satisfaction.
The deposits are sent electronically to my bank. So far I have been
waiting till I get my bank statement to find out the real total of
inputs for the month (since there's a minor charge on each
transaction). I could estimate if I were running tight with funds, but
that hasn't been an issue yet.
The application process went smoothly with Paymentech, and the
programming of the card reader was also very smoothly done, requiring
about an hour of my time to do the procedures and await a download.

Brad Sondahl
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