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more on the gas kiln electrical problem

updated fri 12 jul 02


Julie Milazzo on thu 11 jul 02

Okay, I got through to tech support at Olympic. They
said that there is no reason that the kiln shouldn't
work, and that I must be out of propane. My propane
tank is at forty percent, whick makes sense, since it
uses ten percent each time, and was at fifty percent
last time. There's no way I used up a bunch, and even
if there were a leak, the gauge would probably reflect
that. When I plug in the kilnsitter, though, I hear
the solenoid valve open, so why isn't the gas getting
to where it needs to be? There is no flow when I push
on the buttons. Could the button be broken? Could
there be blockage somewhere? I can't imagine a spider
making it's home up a small gas pipe, but I've chosen
to live in some weird places too, so who knows? I'm
just baffled about this one, but I don't think it's
the gas, although I may try tweaking some stuff a bit
more. Does someone who knows about kilns want to take
a trip to lovely St. Helena? This is so frustrating. I
feel like I get in my way enough without anything else
doing it for me! Thanks for any responses! Jules

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