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: re immature work and selling

updated fri 12 jul 02


Jim Kasper on thu 11 jul 02

> From: karen lovenguth
> I am though young ,very young ,in a professional way.

Here too, started at 16, now 42. Only now beginning to feel like my work is ready to sell. ANd I know that I will always be a beginner.

But.... I am goingout there to face the harsh realities of the market. I feel that i need the fire to temper my work. Plus i like it.

Getting ready to do a carny type show tonight that lasts four days. Better yet it is in the town I grew up in so I will get to see folks I have not seen for over twenty years. I would liked to have waited a year before baring my soul, knowing that a year would bring major improvement, but so it goes.
Anyhow, I'll let ya all know if anyone eats me.
Jim Kasper