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liner for a pit firing cage

updated thu 11 jul 02


Jeff Tsai on wed 10 jul 02


I found steel works the best (aren't you's expensive!!!!)

Snail had a great suggestion with the terra cotta pots...though I find they
crack fairly quickly (difference of experiences I suppose). I also went down
to Pik n' save once and found these lovely stainless steel crockpots (about a
foot or more in diameter and a foot or more in height (the sizes varied, but
I got that size). They had glass lids (which I threw away) and handles
attached with zinc screws (which I broke off and threw away) and I've used
them at least a couple dozen times without one breaking yet. they were costly
($14.95), but my flower pots ($2-5) broke after on a few uses anyway.

for really small pots, Yuban coffee metal containers work and if you're a big
coffee drinker, then they aren't really costly. I steal my friends' when
they're done with theirs, and my parents (big costco type people) always have
the big cans too.

Avoid anything galvinized.