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air cleaners and wet towels

updated mon 8 jul 02


Richard Jeffery on sun 7 jul 02


take a look at some of the lightweight towels used by campers (real kind,
who have to carry everything up the hill...) - there are some products out
there that wick moisture away, rather than just absorb it, so they should
still work while damp....

i have an air cleaner in the wood workshop [aka garage] - it does a
reasonable job, and i seem to remember that the sequence of filters takes
out everything down to about 5 microns. But as someone else said, if it's
in the air, you have already breathed it. Working wood with any kind of
power machinery generates dust. even with extraction hoses connected to
each major machine, and suction around the bench where you work, there will
still be dust. That means working not only with ear defenders on most of
the time, but with a face mask or filter unit on more or less all of the

To a large extent, although the air cleaner will lower the level of airborne
material, its real value is in reducing the amount of dust that will settle
back onto the floor and other surfaces, to be kicked up into the air later -
which will probably be when you "just pop back in" to see if the glue has
set, and don't put the mask back on.

Of course, all this machinery, including the air cleaner motor, generates
heat. so - hot, noisy, dusty working environment. funny how i do more work
in clay now......

Richard on UK south coast - where it is raining again, and forecast to
continue for a while [like a week or so]. when the cloud breaks it gets hot
[needs definition - anything over 16C = hot at the moment], but that's not
often. My basil seeds have only just sprouted, the olive tree flowers look
like the snails will eat them, and it's hard not to spend half the day
thinking of emigrating......

Richard Jeffery

Web Design and Photography
Bournemouth UK

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To me the problem with room air cleaners and the like is that by their
nature they move air, and if there is clay dust in the moving air then
we're asking for trouble. The best solution is still (boringly) good
housekeeping, keeping surfaces clean, washing clay laden towels and
aprons etc. frequently, and sweeping with damp or oiled sawdust. My
workshop has a concrete floor with no membrane under it, so is
permanently damp, this helps, but makes me lazy! My aprons are plastic
so they don't hold dust and I can sponge them down, which also helps.
Now if I could find a towel that remained damp but still dried my hands
I'd be really happy! :-)


In message , Joyce Singer writes
>I am very concerned about clay dust in my small studio 18' X 12'. The =
>air cleaners I see advertised for pottery studios are all very expensive =
>and for much larger areas. I wondered if someone has used the room air =
>cleaners such as Honeywell or Whirlpool make. Does anyone know of a =
>small air cleaner that can filter clay dust?=20
>Joyce Singer

Steve Mills

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