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glaze "defects" on non functional pots

updated sat 6 jul 02


Leland G. Hall on fri 5 jul 02

To Marianne in Canada regarding nonfunctional pots, thats all I do. I make
my living as a rakuist, (well, it's my lifes work any way) and all my
vessels are non functional. Some call them "art vessels". I just call
them pots. In other words, I don't know if there is such a thing as a
glaze defect on a nonfunctional pot. Well, thats not true I guess. If
it's ugly, I guess its a defect. But thats a different can of worms eh?
Who's to say? How ever, if your pots are to be sold, I'm sure there should
be a disclaimer. I make sure that the customer knows that raku is not food
or water suitible. Leland Hall in Lapine Oregon