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st. petersburg clay co.

updated thu 4 jul 02


Miriam Steele on tue 2 jul 02 I a happy camper....St. Pete Clay has been
my supplier for the last several years... & I must
tell you about my experiences today.... They have
bought the former Railroad Station in St. Pete...a
wonderful historic brick building....which I visited
for the first time this aft.
At the moment they are just moving into it, but what a
wondrous delight for anyone involved with
Clay....Individual studios...
An enormous covered outbuilding with a newly
constructed Anagama Kiln.. wood kiln, soda kiln, train
kiln, Raku & every other sort of kiln you can name...
Indoor features the elec. kilns.. glaze just name it, they have it....Just getting
settled at the present time.... they feature Highwater
Clays from Asheville, N.C....They were all their chaos....a group of
people from our sister city in Japan...later this
afternoon... They will be bringing in Artist's from
all over the USA...for seminars...& will be the
largest clay facility in the USA.... No, I do not own
stock...wish I did!!!!!!! However, knowing the
owner's for many years.... brings me to advising you
of this wondrous place.....
I had NO idea their new facilities would include all
of the above... was most thrilled & delighted with my
visit today.
If any of you are coming this's a Must See!!!!!!!

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Susan Kosko on wed 3 jul 02

i'll second what miriam said about st. pete clay. i took a workshop
with malcolm davis at their old facility in february. they'd hoped to
have the railway station finished in time for the workshop, but it
wasn't possible. we did get a tour of the new facility and it looked
fabulous. i was there when the kilns were being built - they had to
build a hill for the anagama! i think there will be six kilns in total
- at least two are wood, if i remember correctly. i can't wait to go
back for another workshop. any of the problems they had at the old
facility (we were a little cramped for space in the studio area) should
be solved at the railway station. in addition to the facility looking
great, the owners (russ, charlie, and stan) are great workshop hosts and
gracious people, as was everyone else i met who's affiliated with st.
pete clay.

when they get fully operational in the railway station, i think it will
turn out to be one of the premier places to attend a winter workshop.
the facility is interesting enough that i could almost be pursuaded to
move to st. pete!

suze kosko
new durham, nh, usa - where the heat wave is as bad as it ever gets here