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mothering magazine

updated thu 4 jul 02


Nikki Simmons on tue 2 jul 02

Hi all,

I just received my copy of Mothering magazine today. There is a nice
article about pottery and kids. Any La Leche League Leaders, lactation
consultants, midwives, attachment parents, etc out there doing pottery?

I know for sure I can count can Kelly (primalmommy) anyone else?

Happy I got to read about ALL my favorite topics in one magazine today!
Nikki Simmons
La Leche League Leader in Jefferson City, Missouri USA

Cheryl Hoffman on wed 3 jul 02

Hi Nikki,
I was a homebirth midwife for 20 years before hanging up my fetascope
and discovering pottery...too old to do the call hours anymore. I don't
receive Mothering Magazine anymore but really enjoyed it when I did.
Cher Hoffman