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winchcombe video (was: i'll be damned)

updated wed 3 jul 02


Susan on mon 1 jul 02

They must be pretty busy. I sent Winchcombe last week an email to ask what
would be the postage to the reply yet.


Helen Bates on mon 1 jul 02

Hi Tony,

I received the info about the Finch video as well.

If you follow the links to Reelthing Productions or use this one,
you can see a nice smip (small size format) of the video, in which
throwing stemmed egg-cups off the hump is demonstrated.

And there is a web site being developed for Winchcombe pottery. At
the moment pots are viewable (thumbnails only) (click on "The Range"),
and a price list and contact information (click on "Contact".) A
couple of the other links work, the rest don't, yet.

I had all this stored away in my urls folder to mention to Clayarters,
but I hadn't found the time yet. (It often takes me some time to get
organized enough to send new urls to the list, surprise.) ;-)

This is good sturdy traditional British functional ware that looks as
if it will endure to be passed down the generations! Good plain design.

Thanks for shaming me into taking these urls off the "back burner" Tony.

By the way, a new firing was done today (July 1), according to the info
given, and those readers with access to his studio can see them from
Friday July 5th. The rest of us will have to wait until they are put
online (or maybe send an e-mail and ask for some pictures?)


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