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chronicle of a gas firing part iv

updated mon 1 jul 02


Julie Milazzo on sat 29 jun 02

Hey all!
Finally, some good news! I may have figured out a
bit about my kiln, and got some good pots! I also got
some runny, nasty pieces of you-know-what, but at
least that was my own doing. I had done some test
tiles of glaze combinations, and found a great combo,
so I used it on around ten pieces. Unfortunately, the
firing that the tile was in only reached cone nine,
and this one was at cone ten on the bottom, and cone
eleven on top. Hmmm... I have some really neat tops of
pots, but the shelves kept the bottoms... maybe it's
time to do some mosaic work with stuff from the
"boneyard". anyway, thanks for the supportive posts,
and all the really informative advice I've gleaned. I
hope that there will come a time when I have more to
give than take from this community, and I really
appreciate all of you. Jules

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