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updated mon 1 jul 02


artimater on sun 30 jun 02

Hey you guys,
I was out of town all week, and I come back to find a really long =
discussion of pricing(along with 1000 or so spam messages(I will soon be =
sporting a 20 foot penis and spamming everyone on earth on a daily =
basis(not to mention the 20 copies I got of an URL where I can find teen =
babes bathing(and my free visa card with no limit)))).....Anyway, back =
to the pricing thread...I know ya'll were waiting for me to jump in =
screaming in ALL CAPS.....Well it ain't a gonna happen.....Frankly I =
don't give an excretement about how you guys arrive at your prices =
anymore.....The posts prove that the dartboard method is as good as =
any.....The snide remarks about the pricing of Artimater(not me) =
were......snide....If I am forced to put a price on something ....I =
will....If the sun is out I like to add a little Red Stripe Tax....If it =
is raining, I say "free" cause I am sure the sky is falling and we will =
all be dead soon anyway....Funny how the one with the best prices and =
clientel I know would say he would price like me =
if.........whatever.....I'll tell you one thing ....If I am forced to =
sell one of my children I'm sure as Hades gonna recoup the cost of =
feeding them all these years....Also, I don't care about "getting my =
work out there".....don't care about "loss leaders"....don't care about =
even attending fairs(except for laughs).....I can't afford to mess =
around with anything but making a few pieces of fine art....On my =
deathbed I don't want to look back on all the posteriors that I have =
smooched....I just want to do fine art....The best I can manage with =
what I have....
All that needs to be done to straighten out the prices of ceramic =
art is to end ceramic programs in all the schools...By the time all the =
posers squeezed out a piece or two the way I do they too would be making =
art that meant something....and not great examples of intellectual =
gymnastics...."I love the way you used the corn for texture" =
Until art schools graduate students with some prayer of ever =
becoming artists(NOT art teachers) there will never be a logical pricing =
structure.....Until artists refuse to be bullied there will be no =
artists....Only teachers and production workers...
If you want something I have to me....maybe we can =
work something out(phone number below)
Dr. Rush
"I only indulge when I've seen a snake, so I keep a supply of =
indulgences and snakes handy"
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